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Available in Smooth or Wavy.

Strong, pliable and fully conditioned, Campania is an aniline leather with a special treatment of oils, waxes and tallows.

An excellent slick surface feel, along with a light pull up creates a beautiful two-tone effect and will become lighter in areas of heavy use. The natural patinas that develop will only get better with age, taking on a beautiful aged look over the years.

With natural vegetable tanned leathers, depending on the environment and frequency to which the leather is exposed, you can expect such leathers will darken if exposed to water and oils, dirt, denim, etc, whereas they will lighten when exposed to extended sunlight. It is best to avoid direct heat as this may cause narrowing or cracking of the leather’s surface.

CFA recommended with this leather.

Content: Veg Tanned, Aniline

Finish: Pull-Up

Raw Material: European

Avg Hide Size: 12-20 SQFT (shoulders)

Thickness: 1.4-1.6mm (3.5-4.0oz)

Grain: Smooth or Wavy

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