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Etruscan is a beautiful and supple full grain, naturally milled pebble leather crafted in the heart of Tuscany that has been made for a true leather enthusiast using only the finest of French hides.

Etruscan is produced with a combination of new and old generation tanning which is 100% full vegetable tanning using the powders of mimosa chestnut, and a sophisticated drum dying technique to produce a pure aniline article. This special formula contains an enriched blend of fats, oils and greases which are tanned into the leather giving it durability, softness and a rich round feel.

Being an exquisite vegetable tanned piece of leather it will age gracefully like a fine wine. The longer the product it is used, the more it will soften and darken with use, growing its own beautiful patina. Natural beauty marks on the leather remind people it is a timeless classic and like a vintage piece of stained wood, the more grain you see the better the character of the leather.

Stocked in a weight of 3.5oz to 4.0oz (1.4 – 1.6mm), this leather is also available in small bespoke orders of weights ranging from 4oz to 6oz.

Content: Veg Tanned, Aniline

Finish: Pull-Up

Raw Material: European

Avg Hide Size: 12-20 SQFT (shoulders)

Thickness: 1.4-1.6mm (3.5-4.0oz)

Grain: Natural

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